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David Harder
Professor of Psychology

Representative Publications

  • Harder, D.W., & Greenwald, D.F. (2008). The Harder TAT Ambitious-Narcissistic Style Scale. In S. R. Jenkins (Ed.). A Handbook of Clinical Scoring Systems for Thematic Apperceptive Methods (pp. 429 – 446). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
  • Greenwald, D.F., & Harder, D.W. (2003). The dimensions of spirituality. Psychological Reports, 92, 975-980.
  • Harder, D.W., & Greenwald, D.F. (2000). The psychotherapy of shame- based disorders from an evolutionary perspective. In P. Gilbert & K. Bailey (Eds.), Genes on the couch: Explorations in evolutionary psychotherapy (pp. 304-329). Hove: Psychology Press.
  • Harder, D.W., & Greenwald, D.F. (1999). Further validation of the shame and guilt scales of the Harder Personal Feelings Questionnaire-2. Psychological Reports, 85, 271-281.
  • Greenwald, D.F., & Harder, D.W. (1997). Fantasies, coping behavior, and psychopathology. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 53, 1-7.