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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (


Center for Economic Conversion (
Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (
Economic Democracy Information Network (
Economics for Equity and the Environment: E3 Network (
Economic Policy Institute (
International Development Economics Associates (
International Society of Ecological Economics (
International Association for Feminist Economics (
New Economics Foundation (
Political and Ethical Knowledge in Economic Activities (
The Schumacher Center: Online collection of lectures and publications
Union For Radical Political Economics (
World Economics Association (

Educational Resources

Center for Popular Economics (
Creative Change Educational Solutions (
Dollars & Sense (

Economics Study Guide and Resources for Students (
Introducing Economics (
Second Nature (
Social Science Research Council (
Teaching Economics as if People Mattered (
Textbook Commentaries Project (


Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (
Center for Health, Environment, and Justice (
Cornell Center for the Environment (
Earth Island on the Web (

Eco-Portal – The Environmental Sustainable Info Source (
Envirolink Network (

Friends of the Earth (
Toxics Use Reduction Institute (
Tufts Climate Initiative (
Riverkeeper (

Worldwatch (

Globalization & Sustainable Development

Praxis Journal (

International Institute on Sustainable Development - Trade and Investment Program - contains information and documents on NAFTA's Chapter 11, WTO, and the FTAA.   In keeping with IISD's focus on North-South issues, their work on trade and investment has a special emphasis on the problems and concerns of developing countries in the trade and sustainable development debates.

Center for International Environmental Law - Trade and Environment Program - CIEL’s Trade and Environment Program seeks to integrate principles of sustainable development into international trade and investment rules, including those of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA).

National Wildlife Federation - Trade and Environment Program - The goal of NWF's Trade and Environment Program is to expand grassroots awareness of the important link between international trade issues and the environment and to promote the reform of U.S. and international policies and institutions to ensure that the protection of wildlife and wild places becomes an integral part of international economic development.

Foundation for International Law and Development (FIELD) -  The Foundation for International Environmental Law and Development (FIELD), was founded in 1989 in order to tap the tremendous potential of law at the international, regional and domestic level, to encourage environmental protection and sustainable development.

Interhemispheric Resource Center - The IRC is a policy studies center that works to make the U.S. a more responsible member of the global community by promoting progressive strategic dialogues that lead to new citizen-based agendas.

Yale Center of Environmental Law and Policy - The Center works with students and faculty to foster debate and dialogue on important issues surrounding environmental law and policy.  They also work to advance policies to address critical environmental problems, and provide a forum where stakeholders can exchange views on the issues.

International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development - ICTSD is home of BRIDGES weekly and monthly trade digests, which contain up to date news on international trade.  Their goal is to provide a link between the trade and sustainable development communities.

U.N. Conference on Trade and Development- Trade, Environment & Development - Agenda 21 and UNCTAD IX gave a mandate to promote the integration of trade, environment and development. UNCTAD's special role is to examine trade and environment issues from a development perspective.

Official Website of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) - This site contains all official document for the FTAA since the process began in 1994.   It has comprehensive information by country, as well as publications, databases, contacts and more.

Sustainable Americas Project -a joint project between the Global Environment and Trade Study and the Yale Center of Environmental Law and Policy.  Includes background on trade issues, links, and publications.

Mexican Free Trade Action Network (RMALC) -- RMALC is Mexico's leading advocacy network on trade and integration issues, bringing together activists, advocates, and researchers for over ten years.

Hemispheric Social Alliance -This unprecedented alliance of non-governmental organizations from throughout the Western Hemisphere came together to develop alternative policy proposals for the Free Trade Area of the Americas negotiations.  (GDAE is a member of the alliance.)

"Alternatives for the Americas" - Developed by the Hemispheric Social Alliance, "Alternatives" is a comprehensive outline of principles and policies for the FTAA negotiations.   (GDAE contributed to the development of the chapter on the environment.)

Human Development and Capability Association

Public Policy

Institute of Philosophy and Public Policy (
Institute for Women's Policy Research (
International Center for Research on Women (
IUCN: The World Conservation Union (
Moving Ideas (
Redefining Progress (
Union of Concerned Scientists (
World Resources Institute (

Internet Resources for Economists and Environmentalists

Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory (
Environmental Ethics (
Resources for Economics on the Internet (

Sustainable Communities

Center for a New American Dream (
New Road Map Foundation (
SCN: Sustainable Communities Network (
Sustainable Living Network (
Sustainable Measures (

Sustainable Development

Forum on Science and Technology for Sustainability (
International Institute for Sustainable Development (
LEAD: Leadership for Environment and Development Program (

Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) (

Sustainable Future

Center for a Sustainable Future (

Sustainable Work and Industry

Ceres (
Co-op America (
Ethical Corporation Magazine (
Green Economics (
Labor/Community Strategy Center (

UMASS Lowell Work Environment Program (


National Center for Research for Vocational Education (
National Partnerships for Workers and Families (
New Ways to Work (

Working Today (


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