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Student Communications Assistant
Communications Assistant will work with GDAE’s Outreach Coordinator to help maintain and expand our outreach efforts. Job duties will include: design flyers and outreach materials, assist with event planning, update social media accounts, track media mentions, assist with website redesign, research methods for expanding our email outreach list, and other projects as assigned.

An ideal candidate will have work-study funding and be available through the spring semester and summer. This is a flexible 6-10 hrs/week position. Pay will be $10-12/hour depending on experience. See qualifications and application instructions.

Marketing Assistant
The Marketing Assistant will work with GDAE Fellow and Author Jeffrey Ashe to help market his book, “In Their Own Hands: How Savings Groups are Revolutionizing Development,” which launched September 15. Job duties will include: liaise, coordinate, and serve as the main point of contact between author, publisher, and multiple other external parties (contributing authors, NGOs, graphic designer) involved in the book launch; maintain dates of upcoming talks and promotional activities; assist the author with deliverables for various presentation formats; create a mailing list with author’s contacts.

This is a paid, flexible position with a time commitment of ~12 hours per week. Applicants must commit themselves through the fall semester, and there is a strong likelihood of this work continuing through the spring semester. Start date is immediate. See qualifications and application instructions.

Research Assistant
One of the most powerful aspects of savings groups is how these groups self-replicate as the leaders of train groups train new ones on their own initiative and word spreads through word of mouth village to village and through the media. These groups also serve as platforms for other development initiatives as the leaders of groups initiate these new efforts on their own. Job duties will include: Collecting information related to these topics; Identifying key players and setting up interviews; Taking notes on these interviews (and possibly carrying out some of these interviews); Assisting in the design of quantitative and quantitative research on these topics and the coding and analysis of the data collected on these studies; Writing a monograph on the information collected.

Research assistants will meet with Jeffrey Ashe bi-weekly (or weekly, if needed) with time and location being flexible. This is a paid, flexible position with a time commitment of ~12 hours per week with work possibly continuing through the 2014-2015 year. Given the amount of work two research assistants could be hired for this position. Start date is immediate. See qualifications and application instructions.


Environmental Programs at Tufts University

The Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE) website provides links to the various environmental undergraduate and graduate degree programs offered at the university as well as a complete listing of Tufts' environmental programs and the university's environmental policy.

Tufts Office of Sustainability
This office serves as a resource, a catalyst, and an advocate for environmental sustainability at Tufts.

Additional Resources

Links to organizations which perform educational, policy, or advocacy work related to GDAE's mission.

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