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Science, Technology, and Development Program

El Colegio de Mexico

The Science, Technology, and Development Program (PROCIENTEC) at the Colegio de Mexico was founded in 1984 to carry out research on the causes and implications of technological change for economic activities in Mexico and other developing countries.The goal is to stimulate and strengthen interdisciplinary analysis in the field of economics. In the course of PROCIENTEC's research the scope of its interests have expanded to include, on one hand, critical aspects of macroeconomic policies and constraints and their impact on technological development, and on the other hand, between technology and natural resource management. This effort has enabled the Program's team to identify foundations for a more meaningful analysis of the linkages between the realms of macroeconomics, technology policy and natural resource management.

PROCIENTEC Publications

The Environmental and Social Impacts of Economic Liberalization on Corn Production in Mexico, Alejandro Nadal, Oxfam GB and WWF International, September 2000.

PROCIENTEC Working Papers:

The following selection of PROCIENTEC Working Papers, and joint papers with GDAE, are available in PDF format. Get Acrobat Reader now::


"Economic Reform, Energy, and Development: The Case of Mexican Manufacturing" Francisco Aguayo and Kevin P. Gallagher, GDAE Working Paper 03-05, July 2003.


Contradicciones del Modelo de Economica Abierta
, Alejandro Nadal

The Law of Supply and Demand in the Proof of Existence of General Competitive Equilibrium
, Carlo Benetti, Alejandro Nadal, and Carlos Salas Pez

Distorsion Estructural y Desestabilizacion: Argumentos para una estrategia de industrializaciYn alternativa, Francisco Aguayo

El Fracaso de las Politicas de Estabilizacion en Mexico: Retos y opciones de politica economica, Marcos Chvez M.

Lineamientos de una Estrategia Alternativa de Desarrollo para el Sector Agricola, Alejandro Nadal

Mexican Corn: Genetic Variability and Trade Liberalisation, Alejandro Nadal

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