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As part of its effort to stimulate new approaches within economics and related fields, GDAE publishes "Working Papers" by GDAE's staff and affiliated researchers. These include papers currently submitted for publication, unpublished research, and papers that have been published by others who have granted GDAE permission to include them in this series.

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19-03 "The Rising Importance of Non-tariff Measures and their use in Free Trade Agreements Impact Assessments" June 2019. Monica Hernandez

19-02 "Do Patents Lead to Market Concentration and Excess Profits?" April 2019. Padmashree Gehl Sampath and Walter Park

19-01 "Responding to Economic and Ecological Deficits" April 2019. Jonathan M. Harris

18-04 "Industrial Policy 4.0: Promoting Transformation in the Digital Economy" December 2018. Padmashree Gehl Sampath

18-03 "Do Trade and Investment (Agreements) Foster Development or Inequality?" October 2018. Pierre Kohler and Francis Cripps

18-02 "Financialization, Trade, and Investment Agreements: Through the Looking Glass or Through the Realities of Income Distribution and Government Policy?" September 2018. Alex Izurieta, Pierre Kohler, and Juan Pizarro

18-01 "China’s Carbon Market: Accelerating a Green Economy in China and Reducing Global Emissions" April 2018. Yifei Zhang, Jonathan M. Harris, and Jin Li
[See the related policy brief]

17-02 "Missing from the Mainstream: The Biophysical Basis of Production and the Public Economy" May 2017. June Sekera

17-01 "Iberian Electricity Sector: A transition towards a more liberalized and sustainable market" February 2017. Agustín García, María Teresa García-Álvarez y Blanca Moreno (Also available in Spanish)

16-03 "CETA Without Blinders: How Cutting ‘Trade Costs and More’ Will Cause Unemployment, Inequality and Welfare Losses" September 2016. Pierre Kohler and Servaas Storm (Also available in French)

16-02 "Core Support for the New Economy" [Draft] June 2016. Neva Goodwin. [Read the published version in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies].

16-01 "Trading Down: Unemployment, Inequality and Other Risks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement" January 2016. Jeronim Capaldo, Alex Izurieta, and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

15-02 "Economics and the Near-Death Experience of Democratic Governance" May 2015. June Sekera

15-01 "Mandating Food Insecurity: The Global Impacts of Rising Biofuel Mandates and Targets" February 2015. Timothy A. Wise and Emily Cole

14-03 "The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership: European Disintegration, Unemployment and Instability" October 2014. Jeronim Capaldo (Working paper available in French, German, Italian, Spanish; Executive summary available in 13 languages. See all translations.)

14-02 " Trade Hallucination: Risks of Trade Facilitation and Suggestions for Implementation" June 2014. Jeronim Capaldo

14-01 "Prices and Work in The New Economy" April 2014. Neva Goodwin (Opinión Sur published this paper in multiple parts in Spanish and Portuguese.) Also available in French and Spanish.

13-04 "Can We Feed the World in 2050? A Scoping Paper to Assess the Evidence" September 2013. Timothy A. Wise (Also available in French)

13-03 "Population, Resources, and Energy in the Global Economy: A Vindication of Herman Daly’s Vision" February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in French)

13-02 "Green Keynesianism: Beyond Standard Growth Paradigms" February 2013. Jonathan M. Harris (Also available in Spanish, French and Chinese)

13-01 "Climate Impacts on Agriculture: A Challenge to Complacency?" February 2013. Frank Ackerman and Elizabeth A. Stanton

12-07 "Poisoning the Well, or How Economic Theory Damages Moral Imagination" October 2012. Julie A. Nelson (Also available in French)

12-06 "A Financial Crisis Manual: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons of the Financial Crisis," December 2012. Ben Beachy

12-05 "Are Women Really More Risk-Averse than Men?" September 2012. Julie A. Nelson

12-04 "Is Dismissing the Precautionary Principle the Manly Thing to Do? Gender and the Economics of Climate Change," September 2012. Julie A. Nelson

12-03 "Achieving Mexico’s Maize Potential," October 2012. Antonio Turrent Fernández, Timothy A. Wise, and Elise Garvey

12-02 "The Cost to Developing Countries of U.S. Corn Ethanol Expansion," October 2012. Timothy A. Wise

12-01 "The Cost to Mexico of U.S. Corn Ethanol Expansion," May 2012. Timothy A. Wise

11-03 "Would Women Leaders Have Prevented the Global Financial Crisis? Implications for Teaching about Gender, Behavior, and Economics," September 2012. Julie A. Nelson

11-02 "Ethics and the Economist: What Climate Change Demands of Us," May 2011. Julie A. Nelson.

11-01 "Investment Treaty Arbitration and Developing Countries: A Re-Appraisal," May 2011. Kevin P. Gallagher and Elen Shrestha.

10-07 “Progressive and Regressive Taxation in the United States: Who's Really Paying (and Not Paying) Their Fair Share,” December 2010. Brian Roach.

10-06 “Does Profit-Seeking Rule Out Love? Evidence (or Not) from Economics and Law,” September 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-05 “The Macroeconomics of Development without Throughput Growth,” September 2010. Jonathan M. Harris.

10-04 "Buyer Power in U.S. Hog Markets: A Critical Review of the Literature," August 2010. Timothy A. Wise and Sarah E. Trist.

10-03 “The Relational Economy: A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis,” May 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-02 “Care Ethics and Markets: A View from Feminist Economics,” May 2010. Julie A. Nelson.

10-01 "Climate-Resilient Industrial Development Paths: Design Principles and Alternative Models," February 2010. Lyuba Zarsky.

09-08 "Agricultural Dumping Under NAFTA: Estimating the Costs of U.S. Agricultural Policies to Mexican Producers," December 2009. Timothy A. Wise.

09-07 "Getting Past 'Rational Man/Emotional Woman': How Far Have Research Programs in Happiness and Interpersonal Relations Progressed?" June 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-06 "Between a Rock and a Soft Place: Ecological and Feminist Economics in Policy Debates," June 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-05 “The Environmental Impacts of Soybean Expansion and Infrastructure Development in Brazil’s Amazon Basin,” June 2009. Maria del Carmen Vera-Diaz, Robert K. Kaufmann, and Daniel C. Nepstad.

09-04 “Sociology, Economics, and Gender: Can Knowledge of the Past Contribute to a Better Future?” April 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-03 “Economic Writing on the Pressing Problems of the Day: The Roles of Moral Intuition and Methodological Confusion,” April 2009. Julie A. Nelson.

09-02 “Reforming and Reinforcing the Revolution: The Post-TRIPS Politics of Patents in Latin America,” April 2009. Ken Shadlen.

09-01 “Resources, Rules and International Political Economy: The Politics of Development in the WTO,” January 2009. Ken Shadlen.

08-03 "Policies for Funding a Response to Climate Change,” July 2008. Brian Roach.

08-02 “Ecological Macroeconomics: Consumption, Investment, and Climate Change,” July 2008. Jonathan Harris.

08-01 "An Overview of Climate Change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for?" March 2008. Neva Goodwin.

07-05 “The Politics of Patents and Drugs in Brazil and Mexico: The Industrial Bases of Health Activism,” December 2007. Ken Shadlen.

07-04 "Living High on the Hog: Factory Farms, Federal Policy, and the Structural Transformation of Swine Production," December, 2007. Elanor Starmer and Timothy A. Wise.

07-03 "Economists, Value Judgments, and Climate Change: A View From Feminist Economics," October 2007. Julie A. Nelson.

07-02 "Declining Poverty in Latin America? A Critical Analysis of New Estimates by International Institutions," September 2007. Ann Helwege and Melissa B.L. Birch.

07-01 "Policy Space for Mexican Maize: Protecting Agro-biodiversity by Promoting Rural Livelihoods," February, 2007. Timothy A. Wise. (This paper has also been published in Spanish.)

06-07 "The Economics of Inaction on Climate Change: A Sensitivity Analysis," by Frank Ackerman and Ian J. Finlayson. October 2006.

06-06 “European Chemical Policy and the United States: The Impacts of REACH,” September, 2006. Frank Ackerman, Liz Stanton, and Rachel Massey.

06-05 Can Climate Change Save Lives? A comment on “Economy-wide estimates of the implications of climate change: Human health,” September 2006. Frank Ackerman and Liz Stanton.

06-04 "Ethics and International Debt: A View from Feminist Economics," August, 2006. Julie A. Nelson.

06-03 "Feeding the Factory Farm: Implicit Subsidies to the Broiler Chicken Industry," June, 2006. Elanor Starmer, Aimee Witteman and Timothy A. Wise.

06-02 "The Unbearable Lightness of Regulatory Costs," February, 2006. Frank Ackerman

06-01 "The Missing Links between Foreign Investment and Development: Lessons from Costa Rica and Mexico," February, 2006. Eva A. Paus and Kevin P. Gallagher.

05-08 "The Limitations of Markets: Background Essay," December, 2005. Neva Goodwin.

05-07 "Identifying the Real Winners from U.S. Agricultural Policies," November, 2005. Timothy A. Wise.

05-06 "Policy Space for Development in the WTO and Beyond: The Case of Intellectual Property Rights," November 2005. Ken Shadlen

05-05 "Teaching Ecological and Feminist Economics in the Principles Course," June 2005. Neva Goodwin and Julie A. Nelson.

05-04 "Rationality and Humanity: A View from Feminist Economics," May 2005. Julie A. Nelson.

05-03 "Securing Social Security: Sensitivity to Economic Assumptions and Analysis of Policy Options," May 2005. Brian Roach and Frank Ackerman.

05-02 "Understanding the Farm Problem: Six Common Errors in Presenting Farm Statistics," March 2005. Timothy A. Wise.

05-01 "The Shrinking Gains from Trade: A Critical Assessment of Doha Round Projections," October 2005. Frank Ackerman.

04-03 "Is Economics a Natural Science?" March 2004. Julie A. Nelson.

04-02 "The Paradox of Agricultural Subsidies: Measurement Issues, Agricultural Dumping, and Policy Reform" May 2004. Timothy A. Wise.

04-01 "Beyond Small-Is-Beautiful: A Buddhist and Feminist Analysis of Ethics and Business" January 2004. Julie A. Nelson.

03-11 "Clocks, Creation, and Clarity: Insights on Ethics and Economics from a Feminist Perspective" October 2003. Julie A. Nelson.

03-10 "Progressive and Regressive Taxation in the United States: Who's Really Paying (and Not Paying) their Fair Share?" October 2003. Brian Roach. Note: This analysis has been updated, see Working Paper 10-07.

03-09 "Costs of Preventable Childhood Illness: The Price We Pay for Pollution" September 2003. Rachel Massey and Frank Ackerman.

03-08 "International Trade and Air Pollution: The Economic Costs of Air Emissions from Waterborne Commerce Vessels in the United States" September 2003. Kevin P. Gallagher and Robin Taylor.

03-07 "Five Kinds of Capital: Useful Concepts for Sustainable Development" September 2003. Neva R. Goodwin.

03-06 "Free Trade, Corn, and the Environment: Environmental Impacts of US-Mexico Corn Trade Under NAFTA," June 2003. Frank Ackerman, Timothy A. Wise, Kevin P. Gallagher, Luke Ney, and Regina Flores.

03-05 "Economic Reform, Energy, and Development: The Case of Mexican Manufacturing" July 2003. Francisco Aguayo and Kevin P. Gallagher

03-04 "Current Economic Conditions in Myanmar and Options for Sustainable Growth" May 2003. David Dapice

03-03 "Reconciling Growth and Environment" March 2003. Jonathan M. Harris and Neva R. Goodwin

03-02 "Macroeconomics for the Twenty-First Century" March 2003. Neva R. Goodwin

03-01 "Read My Lips: More New Tax Cuts - The Distributional Impacts of Repealing Dividend Taxation" February 2003. Brian Roach

02-01 "Economic Analysis in Environmental Reviews of Trade Agreements: Assessing the North American Experience" April 2002. Kevin P. Gallagher, Frank Ackerman, and Luke Ney

01-09 "Macroeconomic Policy and Sustainability" Jonathan M. Harris, July 2001

01-08 "Is NACEC a Model Trade and Environment Institution? Lessons from Mexican Industry" Kevin P. Gallagher, October 2001. (The final version of this paper is now available as "The CEC and Environmental Quality: Assessing the Mexican Experience," in John Knox and David Markel, eds., Greening NAFTA: The Experience and Potential of the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation. Palo Alto: Stanford University Press, 2002.)

01-07 "Dirt is in the Eye of the Beholder: The World Bank Air Pollution Intensities for Mexico" Francisco Aguayo, Kevin P. Gallagher, and Ana Citlalic Gonzőlez, July 2001

01-06 "The $6.1 Million Dollar Question" Frank Ackerman and Lisa Heinzerling, April 2002

01-05 "Better Principles: New Approaches to Teaching Introductory Economics" Neva R. Goodwin and Jonathan M. Harris, June 2001

01-04 "Agriculture in a Global Perspective" Jonathan M. Harris, June 2001

01-03 "Community Control in a Global Economy: Lessons from Mexico's Economic Integration Process" Tim Wise and Eliza Waters, February 2001

01-02 "Mixed Signals: Market Incentives, Recycling, and the Price Spike of 1995" Frank Ackerman and Kevin Gallagher, January 2001

01-01 "Civil Economy and Civilized Economics: Essentials for Sustainable Development." Neva Goodwin, January 2001.

00-08 "Waste in the Inner City: Asset or Assault?" Frank Ackerman and Sumreen Mirza, June 2000.

00-07 "Trade Liberalization and Industrial Pollution in Mexico: Lessons for the FTAA." Kevin Gallagher, October 2000. This paper is no longer available as a GDAE Working Paper, as it will appear as "Industrial Pollution in Mexico: Did the NAFTA Matter?" in The Environment and the FTAA: What Can We Learn from the NAFTA Experience? Carolyn Deere and Daniel Esty (eds). (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2002).

00-06 "Telling Other Stories: Heterodox Critiques of Neoclassical Micro Principles Texts." Steve Cohn, August 2000.

00-05 "Getting the Prices Wrong: The Limits of Market-Based Environmental Policy." Frank Ackerman and Kevin Gallagher, September 2000.

00-04"Basic Principles of Sustainable Development." Jonathan M. Harris, June 2000.

00-03 "Trade Liberalization and Pollution Intensive Industries in Developing Countries: A Partial Equilibrium Approach." Kevin Gallagher and Frank Ackerman, January 2000.

00-02 "Economics in Context: The Need for a New Textbook." Neva R. Goodwin, Oleg I. Ananyin, Frank Ackerman and Thomas E. Weisskopf, February 1997.

00-01 "Still Dead After All These Years: Interpreting the Failure of General Equilibrium Theory." Frank Ackerman, November 1999.

Please contact GDAE if you would like to be notified by e-mail of new publications in the Working Papers series. Please note that GDAE has also published working papers by its research partner at El Colegio de Mexico, the Program in Science, Technology and Development (PROCIENTEC), which can be downloaded from the PROCIENTEC page.

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