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Authors and principal contributors to the Russian edition of Microeconomics in Context

Neva R. Goodwin is Co-director of the Global Development And Environment Institute ("GDAE") at Tufts University, and Associate Professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She is the author or editor of a dozen books and numerous articles. GDAE and the individual economists it employs have become widely known for their contributions to new thinking in economics.

Thomas Weisskopf, Director of the Residential College (for international students) at University of Michigan, has a distinguished record of publications that push on the boundaries of the neoclassical economics paradigm.

Frank Ackerman, an economist who joined GDAE in 1995, has extensive experience in both environmental research and popular writing. He is now Director of the Institute's division of Research and Policy.

Kelvin Lancaster, for many years a Professor of Economics at Columbia University (deceased in 1998), was a highly original thinker who formulated many provocative new insights in sophisticated mathematical terms, while clearly recognizing the different roles of mathematical and verbal expositions of basic economic principles. He is best known for the "theory of the second best" and for his contributions to consumer theory.

Oleg Igorevich Ananyin, the head of the Russian team of economists working on MIC for Russia, is Head of the Research Center at the Institute of Economics (Russian Academy of Sciences), and Associate Professor at the Higher School of Economics. Ananyin is also an editor of Voprosy Ekonomiki, ("Problems of Economics"), the most prestigious and widely circulated journal among Russian economists.

Olga Radayeva studied at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences faculty of law, majoring in banking, investments, and private international law. She received an LlM at Manchester University (with distinction), and diploma of the Academy of People’s Economy. Since 1991 she has worked at the Center for Economic and Political Research (headed by Grigory Yavlinsky). There she is responsible for translations and legal expertise, and is Director of the English-language web-site of the Yabloko party. Since 2001 she has been head of the team preparing the Teachers' Manual and web site for the Russian edition of Microeconomics in Context.

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