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Evolving Values for a Capitalist World

A recent addition to this theme is the book by Carina Millstone:

Frugal Value CoverFrugal Value: Desgining Business for a Crowded Planet
This book, by Visiting Research Fellow Carina Millstone, contests the notion that companies can rise to the great challenges of our time by adopting so-called 'sustainable business' practices. Instead, the acute ecological crisis requires an all-round rethink of what business does, and how it does it. This book explores what business responsibility looks like today, and how it could be put into practice through far-reaching changes to companies, ranging from new approaches to product design and business models to reconfiguration of operations and innovative ownership structures.

Frugal Value provides practitioners and scholars with the perspective and tools they need to design companies that help drive the socio-economic changes so urgently required for a sustainable and just world.
Purchase the book: Routledge | Amazon


Previous titles within this theme were issued as a book series from Michigan Press
Neva R. Goodwin, Series Editor

In most of the world today, the issue is not whether or how to embrace capitalism, but how to make the best of it. The currently dominant capitalist values include competitive individualism, instrumental rationality, and material success. This Michigan Press series explores questions such as: Will these values suffice as a basis for social organizations that can meet human and environmental needs in the twenty-first century? What would it mean for capitalist systems to evolve toward an emphasis on other values, such as cooperation, altruism, responsibility, and concern for the future?

Titles in the Evolving Values Series:

Are Humans Misfits in Market Democracies?Are Humans Misfits in Market Democracies?

by Robert E. Lane

Description and free access to eBook

After the End of History:
The Curious Fate of American Materialism

by Robert E. Lane
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 2005)
Hardcover, $79.00; Paperback $26.00

Description and ordering information

Helping People Help Themselves:
From the World Bank to an Alternative Philosophy of Development Assistance

By David Ellerman, Foreword by Albert O. Hirschman
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 2005) Hardcover, $65.00

Description and ordering information

It's Legal but It Ain't Right:
Harmful Social Consequences of Legal Industries

Nikos Passas and Neva R. Goodwin
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 2005)
Hardcover, $65.00; Paper, $25.95

Description and ordering information

Rethinking Sustainability:
Power, Knowledge, and Institutions

Jonathan Harris, Editor
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 2000) Hardcover, $60.00; Paper, $24.95

Description and ordering information
The Hedgerow Model of Development, by Neva R. Goodwin

Table of Contents

A Civil Economy:
Transforming the Marketplace in the Twenty-First Century

Severyn T. Bruyn
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 2000)
Hardcover, $65.00; Paper, $21.95

Description and ordering information

As If the Future Mattered:
Translating Social and Economic Theory into Human Behavior

Neva R. Goodwin, Editor
(Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Press, 1996)
Hardcover, 313 pages, $54.50

Description and ordering information
Capital Choices: National Systems of Investment,
by Michael Porter
Table of Contents

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