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The Curious Fate of American Materialism
by Robert E. Lane
Order on Amazon Kindle or from University of Michigan Press

“Robert E. Lane is one of the most prominent and distinguished critics of both the human impact of market economies and economic theory, arguing from much research that happiness is more likely to flow from companionship, enjoyment of work, contribution to society, and the opportunity to develop as a person, than from the pursuit of wealth and the accumulation of material goods in market economies. This latest work playfully personalizes the contrast through a dialogue between a humanistic social scientist, Dessi, and a market economist, Adam. It is all too rare to have the two sides talking to each other. Moreover, in Lane’s witty and literate hands, it is an open-minded and balanced conversation, in which neither side has all the answers.” (David O Sears, Professor of Psychology and Political Science, UCLA)

“There is no one who has read more widely or thought more deeply about the human condition in modern times than Robert Lane. In this book he makes his discoveries available in a delightful form to readers inside and outside of academia. It is the sort of book that is bread and music to a bright and eager mind – and that the friends and relatives of such people will discover joyfully as the ideal Christmas gift.” (From the Forward by Neva Goodwin, economist and co-director of the Global Development And Environment Institute, Tufts University)

Robert Lane’s previous publications include The Market Experience (1991) and The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies (2000).

Specs: 6 x 9, 240 pages
Cloth: ISBN 0-472-09915-9, $79.00 £46.00
Paper: ISBN 0-472-06915-2, $26.95 £15.50
Publication Date: December, 2005

This book is Volume 6 in the Michigan Press Series, Evolving Values for a Capitalist World

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