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Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application

Edited by Jon D. Erickson, Associate Professor of Ecological Economics,
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, University of Vermont
and John M. Gowdy, Ritte
nhouse Professor of Humanities and Social Science,
Department of Economics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, US

This book includes chapters by GDAE researchers and associates Frank Ackerman, Lisa Heinzerling, Rachel Massey, and Jonathan Harris

Order from Edward Elgar Publishing

‘This book presents the best evidence yet that ecological economists in the United States are becoming a strong and unified voice on biodiversity loss, climate change, and energy options. The arguments presented here are rich, sound, convincing, timely, and are not about to lose their saliency any time soon.’

– Richard B. Norgaard, University of California, Berkeley, US

‘Erickson and Gowdy have put together a wonderful collection of contributions from a wide range of scholars that will greatly advance ecological economics.’

– Herman E. Daly, University of Maryland, College Park, US

Research on the cutting edge of economics, ecology, and ethics is presented in this timely study. Building from a theoretical critique of the tradition of cost–benefit analysis, the contributors lay
the foundation for a macroeconomics of environmental sustainability and distributive justice. Attention is then turned to three of the most critical areas of social and environmental applied research – biodiversity, climate change, and energy.

The contributors redefine progress away from growth and toward development. To this end, the first section of the book tackles the dominant framework used in the US today to evaluate tradeoffs between economic growth and its inherent externalities. Succeeding chapters cover a wide variety of studies related to biodiversity health and energy. Each section is anchored with overviews by top scholars in these areas – including Herman Daly, Carl McDaniel, Stephen Schneider, and Nathan Hagens – and followed by detailed analyses reflecting the transdisciplinary approach of ecological economics.



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