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Waste, Recycling, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Waste is not only a large contributor to the greenhouse problem; it is also an area where doing the right thing for the environment is politically popular. It is much easier to persuade most people to change the way they handle solid waste than, for example, to get them to drive sensibly small, fuel-efficient cars. Waste management, thus is a promising area in which to pursue a reduction in carbon emissions, and should be part of any comprehensive strategy for climate change mitigation. GDAE researchers have published on the climate benefits of recycling and have produced a detailed report for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change evaluating international data on carbon emissions from waste management systems.

“Greenhouse Emissions from Waste Management. A survey of data reported to UNFCCC by Annex I countries,” by Frank Ackerman, William Moomaw, and Robin Taylor, May 20, 2003.

"Mixed Signals: Market Incentives, Recycling, and the Price Spike of 1995" Frank Ackerman and Kevin Gallagher, GDAE Working Paper 01-02, January 2001. A revised version was published in Resources, Conservation, and Recycling, vol. 35 no. 4, August 2002.

"Waste in the Inner City: Asset or Assault?" Frank Ackerman and Sumreen Mirza, GDAE Working Paper 00-08, June 2000. A revised version was published in Local Environment, 6(2):113-120, May 2001.

“Waste, Recycling, and Climate Change: US Perspective,” Frank Ackerman, in Velma Grover et al., eds., Recovering Energy From Waste. Enfield, New Hampshire: Science Publishers, 2002.

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“Economic Theory and Climate Change Policy,” Irene Peters, Frank Ackerman, and Steve Bernow, Energy Policy, September 1999.

Why Do We Recycle? Markets, Values and Public Policy Frank Ackerman, Island Press: Washington, DC. 1997.


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