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Edited by Kevin P Gallagher and Jacob Werksman

In an era of globalization, international trade is a fact of life. The increasing conflicts surrounding negotiations on trade liberalization – from the WTO debacle at Seattle in 1999 to the explosive events surrounding the meeting of the G8 in Genoa in 2001 – illustrate the breadth and depth of concern among governments, academics, activists and civil society. The disputes focus on the potential impacts of an unfettered global market place on jobs, social cohesion and the environment.

A growing, but disparate, literature has emerged to debate these questions. The Earthscan Reader on International Trade and Sustainable Development provides an excellent sourcebook that consolidates the lessons learned thus far to guide academics, practitioners, activists and the concerned public in the next decade of work on these issues.

"Gallagher and Werksman have assembled a group of first-rate articles. This work will help demystify the relationship between trade lberalization and sustainable development"

John Audley, Senior Associate, Director, Project on Trade, Environment, and Development, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Part I: Introduction

  • International Trade and Sustainable Development: An Integrative Approach
Part II: Economic Perspectives
  • Stuck in the Mud? Nation States, Globalization and the Environment
  • Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Human Development
  • The Globalization of Market Failure?
  • Progress on the Environmental Kuznets Curve?
  • Towards a New Conception of the Environment–Competitiveness Relationship
  • WTO Rules and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
  • Seizing the Future: The South, Sustainable Development and International Trade
  • Bridging the Trade–Environment Divide
Part III Legal Perspectives
  • Trade and Environment: How Real is the Debate?
  • Solving the Production and Processing Methods (PPMs) Puzzle
  • The Supervision of Health and Biosafety Regulation by World Trade Rules
  • Too Many Fishing Boats, Too Few Fish: Can Trade Laws Trim Subsidies and Restore the Balance in Global Fisheries?
  • WTO Food and Agricultural Rules: Sustainable Agriculture and the Human Right to Food
  • International Investment and Sustainability: Options for Regime
  • How Intellectual Property Could be a Tool to Protect Traditional Knowledge Bibliography, Index

To obtain an examination copy of the Earthscan Reader in Trade and Sustainable Development, send a letter or fax on department letterhead with your name and mailing address, course name, semester offered, and estimated enrollment to Earthscan's US distributors:

Stylus Publishing LLC
P.O. Box 605
Herndon, VA 20172-0605
Tel: (703) 661-1581
Fax: (703) 661-1501

The book is available for 90-day review; send a second letter or fax to confirm adoption and cancel the invoice (or purchase or return after 90 days).

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