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International Investment for
Sustainable Development

Edited by Lyuba Zarsky
Eathscan, 2004; $38.83 paperback
Order from Earthscan

* Exposes the flaws in the current international investment regime

* Essential reading for policy-makers and others engaged in debates concerning international trade, foreign investment and sustainable development

* Charts a course for new international investment rules that benefit the common good and provide rewards for all

This book critically examines the interface between sustainability, development, and the governance of international investment. In doing so it challenges the orthodox view that foreign direct investment (FDI) is the ‘miracle drug’ for development in poor countries, and it exposes serious shortcomings in the current international investment regime, which expands the rights of transnational corporations (TNCs) without commensurate rewards for the common good. Among the issues probed are the relationship between FDI and sustainable development in developing countries and the structure and scope of the emerging international investment regime along with the underlying problems it poses for achieving global sustainability and equity. Ultimately the contributors map out a new way forward, towards the creation and implementation of international investment rules that will promote global sustainability, equity and rewards for all.


Monica Araya • Sandy Buffett • Aaron Cosbey • Kevin P. Gallagher • Luke Eric Peterson • John Mugabe • Iris Tan • Simon S. C. Tay • Konrad von Moltke • Lyuba Zarsky


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