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The Public Economy Project

The long-term goal of the Public Economy Project is to foster, develop, and advance a cogent theory of the public nonmarket economy, which is lacking in contemporary economic theory. In the shorter term, the project will undertake research, organizing activities, and a Working Group to develop policy proposals to support the public economy and the achievement of the long-term goal.

Public Economy in Crisis CoverThe Public Economy Project was established by Research Fellow June Sekera. Her 2016 book, The Public Economy in Crisis; A Call for a New Public Economics, provides a framework for much of the work of this project. The book followed a 2015 GDAE Working Paper on “Economics and the Near-Death Experience of Democratic Governance”.

Other products underway or anticipated include:

  • A paper on “What is the Public Economy?; Defining its Nature, Scope and Size”
  • A teaching module about “public goods”
  • A Working Group on “Re-Founding Public Management”, using the concept of the nonmarket public economy as the foundation.

In October 2017, GDAE co-sponsored a conference on Restoring Public Control of Public Goods: Reconstruction, not “Deconstruction”. Read a report about the conference, or see summaries of selected presentations here.

Public Goods Post
The Public Goods Post is an ongoing digest of information and news about public goods. The intent of the Post is to make sure that Americans know about the multitude of goods and services that they receive through the public economy, many of which are invisible or unrecognized. Topics range from urban transport and biking to education and technological innovation. Read all posts here.

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by Daniel Agostino
Online Information Sources: Government Expenditures, Global Development and Environment Institute, August 2016.

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