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Globalization and Sustainable Development
In the News

This is a selection of notable press featuring Globalization Researchers. For articles by these researchers, see Columns & Commentaries.

  • Lyuba Zarsky was interviewed by Mining Watch Canada on January 5, 2012, about her co-authored report, "Searching for Gold in the Highlands of Guatemala: Economic Benefits and Environmental Risks of the Marlin Mine." Watch the full interview.
  • Timothy A. Wise commented in InterAmerican Dialogue’s Latin American Advisor newsletter as an invited respondent in their “Featured Q&A” on “Will public-private partnerships aid agribusiness in the region?” (Read the article.)
  • Timothy A. Wise was interviewed by KRLD radio in Dallas Feb. 8, 2011, about NAFTA's impacts on agriculture in Mexico and the effects on Mexican migration to the United States.
  • In a letter delivered on January 31, 2011, more than 250 economists urged the Obama administration to reform U.S. trade rules that restrict the use of capital controls.  GDAE researcher Kevin P. Gallagher and Sarah Anderson, director of the Institute for Policy Studies Global Economy Project, initiated the statement. Read the full statement.
  • On January 6, 2011 GDAE Senior Researcher Kevin P. Gallagher gave a lecture to Mexican Senators, Congresspersons, and business executives on China's challenge to Mexico at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.
  • Tom Philpott, a popular food writer for Grist, picked up Timothy A. Wise's most recent post for Triple Crisis Blog, "Are High Agricultural Prices Good or Bad for Poverty?", a response to Dani Rodrik's earlier post on food prices and poverty.  "One of my favorite agriculture researchers in the United States is Tim Wise of Tufts University.  Philpott writes “Turns out, he writes for my new favorite economics blog, Triple Crisis, in which rogue (i.e., non-neoclassical) economists analyze in plain English the globe's financial, development, and environmental crises (manifesto here)...." 
  • Timothy A. Wise and GDAE co-director William Moomaw were part of a five-member group of panelists/judges for an MIT student project, "Mission 2014: Feeding the World," which was presented at MIT December 1, 2010.
  • On November 9, 2010 KPFK Radio in Los Angeles interviewed Kevin Gallagher about his new book with Roberto Porzecanski, The Dragon in the Room andabout the recently concluded G-20 summit. Listen to the interview.
  • Kevin P. Gallagher's work on capital controls was quoted in an article in The Nation (October 6, 2010).
  • Kevin P. Gallagher was quoted in a Bloomberg article on capital controls. (October 5, 2010).
  • Kevin P. Gallagher was interviewed by China Radio International. The interview was based on Gallagher's work on China and Latin America.
  • Kevin P. Gallagher's article, "The China Syndrome," appeared in the August 12, 2010 issue of Latin Trade. Gallagher presents China's complex role in Latin America, based on his forthcoming book with Roberto Porzecanski, The Dragon in the Room.
  • Timothy Wise was quoted extensively in a feature article in the July 5, 2010 issue of The Nation, "Retreat to Subsistence," on the plight of Mexico's indigenous corn farmers under NAFTA. The article includes an excellent summary of the controversy over transgenic contamination of native fields.

  • Senior Researcher Kevin P. Gallagher has published an op-ed on the Financial Times Economists Forum page: New sovereign debt management regime should be G20 focus June 21, 2010.

  • GDAE Research Fellow Roberto Porzecanski launched his book on Uruguay's negotiations with the US on trade and investment agreements June 8, 2010 in Montevideo in a high profile event at the Ministry of External Relations.  The book, No Voy en Tren: Uruguay y las perspectivas de un TLC con Estados Unidos (2000-2010) (Not On Board: Uruguay and the Prospects for a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, 2000-2010), received prominent media coverage, including articles in El Pais, Brecha, and Busqueda, one of Uruguay's leading weekly magazines, as well as online coverage and an video interview with El Espectador.
  • Kevin Gallagher was quoted in Reuters and Canada's National Post on the politicization of the yuan, March 24, 2010.
  • Timothy Wise was quoted in a recent Latin Trade article on trade agreement talks between the EU, US and Latin American countries. The article, which was published on May 30, 2009 quotes Wise on his extensive research on the lessons from NAFTA.
  • Kevin P. Gallagher was quoted in a recent New York Times article by Elizabeth Malkin, "NAFTA's Promise, Unfilled," which appeared on the front page of the business section March 23, 2009: NAFTA's Promise, Unfulfilled.
  • Kevin P. Gallagher joins Reuters' The Great Debate, on the merits of NAFTA, Dec. 2008 - Jan. 2009.
  • On December 10, 2008 Timothy Wise is quoted in an Agence France-Presse article about the ongoing Doha round of trade negotiations: WTO Wants Doha for Christmas.
  • Also see Kevin P. Gallagher's regular columns on globalization and development in The Guardian.


The Global Development and Environment Institute’s Globalization and Sustainable Development Program examines the economic, social and environmental impacts of economic integration in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on the WTO and NAFTA's lessons for trade and development policy. The goal of the program is to identify policies and international agreements that foster sustainable development.

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