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Confronting Globalization:
Economic Integration and Popular Resistance in Mexico

By Timothy A. Wise, Hilda Salazar, and Laura Carlsen (editors)
Kumarian Press, 2003; Spanish edition, Editorial Miguel Angel Porrua, 2003
264 pages; $25.95 Paper; $65.00 Cloth; Order from Kumarian Press

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jonathan Fox

1. Introduction: Globalization and Popular Resistance in Mexico, by Timothy A. Wise, Hilda Salazar, and Laura Carlsen

Part 1: Integration, Investment, and the Environment

2. Investment, Sovereignty, and the Environment: Metalclad and NAFTA’s Chapter 11, by Fernando Bejarano González

3. Human Rights, Ecology, and Economic Integration: The Peasant Ecologists of Guerrero, by Enrique Cienfuegos and Laura Carlsen

4. El Balcón, Guerrero: A Case Study of Globalization Benefiting a Forest Community, by David Barton Bray and Leticia Merino

5. Biopiracy on the Border: the Battle for the Yellow Bean, by Laura Carlsen

6. Biopiracy, Bioprospecting, and Resistance: Four Cases in Mexico, by Andrés Barreda

Section 2: The Crisis in the Countryside: Small Producers Fight Back

7. Toward an Equitable, Inclusive, and Sustainable Agriculture: Mexico’s Basic Grains Producers Unite, by Olivia Acuña Rodarte

8. Peasant Farmers in the Global Economy: the State Coalition of Coffee Producers of Oaxaca, by Josefina Aranda Bezaury

Section 3: Employment Under Free Trade: Exploitation and Expulsion

9. The Struggle for Justice in the Maquiladoras: The Experience of the Autotrim Workers, by Pastoral Juvenil Obrera

10. The Migrant Club El Remolino: A Bi-national Community Experience, by Miguel Moctezuma Longoria

Part 4. Conclusion

11. Lessons Learned: Civil Society Strategies in the Face of Economic Integration, by Timothy A. Wise, Hilda Salazar, and Laura Carlsen

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