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Applied Economics Clinic

The Applied Economics Clinic provides technical expertise to public service organizations working on topics related to the environment, consumer rights, the energy sector, and community equity.

Founded by GDAE Senior Research Fellow Liz Stanton in February 2017, the Clinic is a non-profit consulting group offering low-cost and pro bono expert services from seasoned professionals, while also providing on-the-job training to the next generation of technical experts on public interest issues.

The Clinic — housed at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute — employs three professional staff members and several Masters and Doctoral level students as research assistants. Learn more at


Timothy A. Wise at WTO Eleventh Ministerial ConferencePipeline Economics
GDAE Senior Research Fellow Elizabeth Stanton delivered a talk for Tufts Environmental Studies Program that introduced the Applied Economics Clinic and highlighted its work related to oil and gas pipelines.

Recent Publications

Testimony in NIPSCO's 2019 Rate Case, Liz Stanton, March 2019.

Testimony on NIPSCO's Petition for Approval of Jordan Creek Wind Farm PPA, Liz Stanton, March 2019.

Testimony on NISPCO's Petition for Approval of Roaming Bison Wind Farm PPA, Liz Stanton, March 2019.

Comments on Xcel Energy Minnesota's 2018 Mankato Proposal, Tyler Comings, Liz Stanton, and Eliandro Tavares, March 2019.

Duke Energy Integrated Resource Plans in North Carolina, Tyler Comings, Bryndis Woods, Liz Stanton, and Eliandro Tavares, March 2019.

Evaluation of Northern Indiana Public Service Company's 2018 Integrated Resource Plan, Liz Stanton, Bryndis Woods, Anna Sommer, Chelsea Hotaling and Sommer Energy, LLC, March 2019.

Updated Costs of Community Choice Energy Aggregation in Boston, Tyler Comings, Bryndis Woods and Myisha Majumder, February 2019.

Municipal Light Plant Report Card, Eliandro Tavares, January 2019.

A Critique of an Industry Analysis on Claimed Economic Benefits of Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic, Tyler Comings, Ricardo Lopez, Bryndis Woods, and Tanya Stasio, December 2018.

Testimony Regarding the Joint Statewide Three-Year Energy Efficiency Plan for Massachusetts, 2019-2021, Liz Stanton, November 2018.

Review of Proposed CAFE and CO2 Standards, Liz Stanton, Ricardo Lopez, and Bryndis Woods, October 2018.

Testimony on Consumers Energy Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), Tyler Comings, October 2018.

Report on Indiana’s 2018 Draft Statewide Analysis of Future Resource Requirements for Electricity, Elizabeth A. Stanton, Ricardo Lopez, Bryndis Woods, and Tanya Stasio of the Applied Economics Clinic and Anna Sommer of Sommer Energy, LLC, September 2018.

Testimony on the Economics of Karn Coal Units in Michigan, Tyler Comings, September 2018.

Comment on August 2018 Analysis of the Avoided Costs of Compliance on the MA GWSA, Liz Stanton, September 2018.

Testimony on Vectren's Proposed Natural Gas Plant and Coal Retrofits, Tyler Comings, August 2018.

Massachusetts Comprehensive Energy Plan: Comments on Stakeholder Meeting Presentation, Liz Stanton. July 2018.

Massachusetts Battery Storage Measures: Benefits and Costs, Liz Stanton. July 2018.

Review of Massachusetts Efficiency Program Administrator's April 2018 Draft 2019-2021 Energy Efficiency Plan, Liz Stanton. July 2018

The Economic Impacts of Repealing Indiana's Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, Bryndis Woods and Nina Schlegel. July 2018.

Testimony on Stranded Costs of Public Service Company of Colorado's Comanche 1&2 Coal Units, Tyler Comings. March and July 2018.

Massachusetts' Clean Energy Policy Overview, Bryndis Woods, Nina Schlegel, and Liz Stanton. June 2018.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Bill Provisions Boost Jobs and Strengthen the State's Economy, Liz Stanton and Tyler Comings. June 2018.

An Analysis of the Massachusetts 2018 'Act to Promote a Clean Energy Future' Report, Liz Stanton, Tyler Comings, Rachel Wilson, Sagal Alisalad, Emrat Nur Marzan, Nina Schlegel, Bryndis Woods, Jason Gifford, Edward Snook, and Po-Yu Yuen. June 2018.

The Performance of Indiana's Utilities' Energy Efficiency Programs, Bryndis Woods and Nina Schlegel. June 2018.

The ABC's of Boston Community Choice Energy, Tyler Comings, Liz Stanton, and Bryndis Woods, March 2018.

Accessing Energy Efficiency in Massachusetts, Liz Stanton, Emrat Nur Marzan and Sagal Alisalad, February 2018.

Testimony on Eversource Energy's Natural Gas Transportation Agreement Application, Liz Stanton, February 2018.

Testimony on National Grid's Natural Gas Transportation Agreement Application, Liz Stanton, February 2018.

Testimony on Columbia Gas of Massachusetts' Natural Gas Transportation Agreement Application, Liz Stanton, February 2018.

Testimony on The Berkshire Gas Company's Natural Gas Transportation Agreement Application, Liz Stanton, February 2018.

Missed Opportunities for Efficiency in Virginia, Liz Stanton, Rachel Wilson, and Bryndis Woodsr, February 2018.

The Husker Power Plan: A New Energy Plan for Nebraska, Liz Stanton, Tyler Comings, and Anna Sommer, January 2018.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Economics and Manufacturing Jobs, Rachel Wilson, Sagal Alisalad, Emrat Nur Marzan, and Bryndis Woods, December 5, 2017.

The Future of the Martin Drake Power Plant, Tyler Comings and Bryndis Woods, November 30, 2017.

Testimony on Entergy New Orleans' Request to Construct New Orleans Power Station, Elizabeth A. Stanton, October 16, 2017.

An Analysis of Community Choice Energy for Boston, Tyler Comings, Elizabeth A. Stanton and Bryndis Woods, October 2, 2017. [See related policy brief and remarks to Boston City Council]

Ratepayer Impacts of ConEd's 20-Year Shipping Agreement on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Rachel Wilson, Tyler Comings and Elizabeth A. Stanton, September, 2017.

No Evidence for Energy Efficiency Market Saturation Leading to Higher Costs, Elizabeth A. Stanton and Anna Sommer, April 17, 2017 (Updated July 26, 2017).

Direct Testimony filed on Behalf of Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana, Inc., Elizabeth A. Stanton, July 26, 2017.

Testimony on behalf of Residents of Brockton, West Bridgewater, and East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Elizabeth A. Stanton, June 26, 2017.

Climate Change, Imperialism, and Democracy, Liz Stanton, Triple Crisis Blog, June 28, 2017.

Declaration Regarding the Environmental Protection Agency's Stay of Effluent Limitation Guidelines, Elizabeth A. Stanton, June 14, 2017.

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The Applied Economics Clinic Seminar Series

In lieu of seminars in Fall 2017, we invite those interested to join our bi-weekly graduate course, Applied Economics Seminar on Environment and Community Equity, where we will be featuring various guest speakers, including economists and other technical practitioners directly involved in current energy issues.

Applied Economics Seminar on Environment and Community Equity is a new seminar in which students will examine current-day issues related to the economics of the environment and its impact on community equity. The module provides graduate students with an opportunity to review and discuss applied economics analysis regarding the energy sector, climate change, and impacts on community well-being. The focus of this module will be on real-world, current economic analysis preformed for advocacy groups and government agencies in relationship to energy, climate, and community equity proposed and enacted policies, and proposed and approved infrastructure projects.


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