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Social Science Library:
Frontier Thinking in Sustainable Development and Human Well-Being

Become an SSL Partner

More about the SSL Project:

How are the SSL materials distributed?

GDAE is seeking Distribution Partners in a number of countries. Distribution Partners may be universities, foundations, or other non-profit organizations. GDAE works with each Partner to assist them to compile a list of potential recipients in the country, including names and addresses, and to refine a letter addressed to the prime recipient at each address. The Partner will also need to be able to receive a bulk mailing from GDAE (this includes clearing the carton(s) through customs); and to forward individual packets to the final recipients.

To spell this out in more detail, we look for our Partners to do the following:

1. Review and, where necessary, improve on the list of recipient institutions, including, at minimum, all relevant universities. Where our Partner desires, GDAE will start this process by putting onto an Excel spread sheet information we find on the Web, including the names, addresses, and other available information for universities in the country. Our Partners are asked to fill in missing information, and are welcome to add other appropriate organizations (such as research institutes) and colleges (such as teachers’ colleges).

2. We will work with our Partners to write a cover letter to accompany the SSL materials. We have a template for this, but consult with our Partners to customize the letter for each country. The letter will acknowledge the assistance of our Partner, and can include the logo of both our institutions. While this letter may be translated into local languages, please realize that the SSL materials are available only in English. Our Partner may decide who should sign the letter; most often it is co-signed by someone representing the Partner institution along with Neva Goodwin, GDAE co-Director and SSL Editor-in-Chief.

When these two steps are complete, we at GDAE will assemble the requisite number of packets (one for each final recipient), based on the list compiled in step 1. Each packet will contain:
the cover letter, printed by us and addressed to the individual recipients

  • a copy of the SSL on USB drive
  • a copy of the SSL on a pair of CD-ROMs
  • two CDs of publications on sustainable development from the UN Research Institute for Sustainable Development (UNRISD)
  • a CD of publications on environmental topics from Worldwatch Institute
  • two DVDs about water sanitation related diseases and the environment from Horizon International
  • five descriptive brochures that the librarian may deliver to the heads of departments, or deans, to make them aware of the availability of the SSL
  • a poster that can be displayed in the library, to alert users to these materials

Each individual packet is packed in a small padded envelope. We will seal each envelope (unless, for customs reasons, it is better to leave it unsealed) and affix the mailing label; thus when our Partner receives the carton(s) in which the packets arrive, all of the packets will be ready to be put into the local mail (or to be hand delivered where that is preferred).

3. Receive the carton(s) that will be sent from GDAE to our Partner. This is a matter of clearing the carton(s) through customs. The cartons will be marked “zero commercial value: for educational use only, not for sale” (or words to that effect; we will be guided by our Partner if there is a better way to say this).

4. Mail or otherwise deliver the SSL packets to the recipient institutions. While GDAE will cover the mailing costs of a bulk shipment from the United States to our Partner, we normally cannot pay for the cost of shipping the individual packets to the recipient institutions.

If your organization would like to partner with GDAE to help distribute the SSL, please email us at


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