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New Thinking in
Macroeconomics: Social, Institutional,
and Environmental Perspectives

By Jonathan M. Harris and Neva R. Goodwin, Editors
Edward Elgar Publishing, January 2004;
Hardcover and Paperback, 296 Pages;

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Presenting new and innovative perspectives on macroeconomics at the national and international levels, the editors bring together contributions on a wide range of topics including: social, institutional, and environmental perspectives; current issues of globalization; transitional economies; inequality; unemployment; national and international debt; and the relationship of macroeconomic policies to the environment.
[See Table of Contents]

The contributors draw on expertise in a variety of areas to provide insight into debates on macroeconomic policy in the US and Europe, as well as in developing and transitional economies. Themes explored include:

• disequilibrium in the macroeconomy: analysis of the roots of instability and crisis in national and global systems
• the evolution of macroeconomic institutions to stabilize and guide economic growth
• the paradoxes of globalization, the dangers of unrestricted financial flows, and the impacts of globalization on national institutional coherence
• macro and institutional strategies for the transitional economies of Russia and Eastern Europe
• distributional and equity issues, including employment, housing, and homelessness
• the impact of macroeconomic policy and debt on the environment
• long-term growth and its relationship to well-being and environmental sustainability.

This collection is a valuable resource for researchers and students of macroeconomics, presenting numerous case studies and examples which bring to life some of the theoretical debates that will determine the future of macroeconomics. Policy professionals in a variety of fields including politics, political economy, and international relations will also find much of interest in this enlightening volume.


Jonathan M. Harris is Director of the Theory and Education Program at the Tufts University Global Development and Environment Institute and Neva R. Goodwin is Co-Director of the Tufts University Global Development and Environment Institute, USA.

Order from Edward Elgar Publishing (10% Discount Available)

Read about the "Rethinking Macroeconomics" conference held in June 2002 on which this book is based.

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