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Advancing Economic Theory Multimedia

This is a selection of multimedia featuring GDAE Researchers working on applied economic theory. Learn more about the Advancing Economic Theory Program.

Responding to Economic and Ecological DeficitsResponding to Economic and Ecological Deficits (PowerPoint)
GDAE Senior Research Associate Jonathan M. Harris presented a paper on "Responding to Economic and Ecological Deficits" at the Eastern Economic Association 45th Annual Conference in New York City on March 1-3, 2019. The paper calls for a more sophisticated analysis of ecological deficits and a balanced assessment of economic deficits in the context of Green Keynesian policies.

Presentation of Macroeconomics in Context: A European PerspectiveMacroeconomics in Context: A European Perspective
In November 2017, Sebastian Dullien, co-author of "Macroeconomics in Context: A European Perspective," presented on the textbook in the Book Session: CORE vs. "In Context" at the FMM conference in Berlin, Germany.
Learn more about this textbook.

Toward a Caring Economy WebinarToward a Caring Economy: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism
On June 7, 2016, Dr. Neva Goodwin participated in a Next System Project webinar on "Toward a Caring Economy: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism". Watch a recording.
See a related working paper on guaranteed basic income and caring work.

New Economy EventThe New Economy Next System Teach-in 2016
Neva Goodwin (GDAE), Alice Maggio (The Schumacher Center), and Carlos Espinoza-Toro (JPNET) discuss the signs of a system shift as part of a Urban Environmental Policy and Planning Colloquium organized by the Tufts New Economy group and co-sponsored by GDAE on February 24th, 2016.

Brian Roach PowerPoint for TELI-GRationality and Objectivity in Science and Policy (PowerPoint)
GDAE Researcher Brian Roach participated in the 2015 Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute for Graduate Students Workshop (TELI-G 2015). The event brought together graduate students from numerous disciplines to learn about environmental issues in an interdisciplinary framework. Dr. Roach gave a talk on “Rationality and Objectivity in Science and Policy” on January 16, 2015.

Jonathan M. Harris at Berlin conferenceNew Macroeconomics teaching for a new Era:
Instability, Inequality and Environment
(Video of Presentation)
Jonathan M. Harris spoke in Plenary Session II: "Teaching economics after the crisis" during the 18th Conference of the Research Network Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policies, which took place October 20 - November 1, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

Macroeconomic Perspectives on Renewable EnergyMacroeconomic Perspectives on a Renewable Energy Transition (PowerPoint)
GDAE Researcher Jonathan M. Harris spoke at the International Society for Ecological Economics conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on August 13, 2014.

Teaching Microeconomics of Renewable EnergyTeaching Microeconomics of Renewable Energy (PowerPoint)
David Timmons of University of Massachusetts-Boston, co-author of GDAE's teaching module Economics of Renewable Energy, spoke at the International Society for Ecological Economics conference in Reykjavik, Iceland on August 13, 2014.

Codur Local Sustainable Economies PPTGreening Macroeconomics: New Thinking, New Teaching (PowerPoint)
GDAE Researcher Jonathan Harris presented on “Greening Macroeconomics: New Thinking, New Teaching" at the MesoAmerican Ecological Economic Association in San Jose Costa Rica on March 6th and the Eastern Economics Association on March 7th, 2014. View the PowerPoint with Spanish translations.

Codur Local Sustainable Economies PPTThe Emergence of Local Sustainable Economies:
Stories of Resilience, Renewal and Rebirth
On October 2, 2013, GDAE Researcher Anne-Marie Codur gave a presentation that explores various examples in the Global South as in the Global North of the re-localization of the economy, including sustainable management of local ecosystems and natural resources, more equitable forms of economic enterprises such as cooperatives, and re-invention of money through local currencies.

Neva Goodwin Interview VideoNeva Goodwin discusses GDAE's history and mission
In Summer 2013, Neva Goodwin gave an interview and spoke about the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE). This is the full video; to view the shorter version, click here

Neva Goodwin Interview VideoA New Economics for a New Economy
On May 30, 2013, Neva Goodwin participated in the Institute for Policy Studies' "New Economy Transition Webinar Series." This 10 minute video covers Neva's lecutre on "A Life Serving New Economics Paradigm" and her thoughts on putting economic theory into context.

Harris at TulaneConsumption, Resources and the Green Economy (PDF)
GDAE Senior Researcher Jonathan Harris participated in a panel addressing "green" macroeconomic policy issues at the 18th Annual Tulane Summit on Environmental Law and Policy, which took place February 22-23, 2013 at Tulane University Law School. The summit brought together numerous experts from academia, business, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies to discuss a wide range of environmental issues.
The above PowerPoint presentation is based on Dr. Harris' GDAE working papers "Population, Resources, and Energy in the Global Economy" and "Green Keynesianism: Beyond Standard Growth Paradigms."

Goodwin at MITNeva Goodwin at MIT on "A New Economics for the 21st Century"
On February 13, 2013, the New Economics Institute and New Economy @ MIT filmed a conversation with GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin entitled "A New Economics for the 21st Century."

Goodwin speaks at COACoffee and Conversation at the College of the Atlantic
On July 31, 2012, GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin spoke with the College of the Atlantic trustee Hank Schmelzer. While engaging the audience to think about the need for alternatives to current economic theory, she raises questions of whether corporate goals create materialistic desires to respond to immaterial needs, trapping society in a culture of “no such thing as enough.”

Goodwin speaks at NEITufts 720
GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin shares her thoughts on how economics have been taught in the past. The video was filmed by the New Economics Institute at their June 2012 conference on "Strategies for a New Economy."
Additional videos from the conference can be found here.

Goodwin NEI discussionCreating New Curriculum to Address the Needs of the Time
GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin participated in a round-table discussion with Debra Rowe and Rob Johnson. They address what students learn – or should learn – about economics for a sustainable future and how these concepts can be embedded into the courses of multiple disciplines. Recognizing that most students will not go on to be economists, but all will go on to be citizens, the panel asks what content needs to be included, especially in introductory economics courses, that is not usually found there now.
This video was filmed as part of the New Economics Institute Conference on "Strategies for a New Economy" at Bard College on June 8, 2012. Additional videos from the conference can be found here.

Goodwin welcome at NEIWelcome by the Co-Chairs: Excerpt from Neva Goodwin
GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin offers a welcome address at the New Economics Institute conference on "Strategies for a New Economy" at Bard College on June 8, 2012.
View the full welcome from Neva Goodwin, Will Raap, and Eban Goodstein.
Additional videos from the conference can be found here.

Neva Goodwin at Smithsonian Perspectives on Limits to Growth: World on the Edge
GDAE Co-Director Neva Goodwin presents her paper Labor’s Declining Share and Future Quality of Life" at The Club of Rome and the Smithsonian Institution's Consortium for Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet symposium on March 1, 2012.

Brian Roach on Bedford TV Global Warming- Fact, Fiction, and Uncertainty
GDAE Researcher Brian Roach was interviewed by Bedford TV on "Global Warming- Fact, Fiction, and Uncertainty."

A Better World RadioInterview with Co-Director Neva Goodwin
On November 15, 2010, Neva Goodwin gave a radio interview to A Better World Radio, discussing GDAE's contextual economics approach and alternatives to GDP. Listen to the full interview.

Goodwin talk What can we hope for the world in 2075?
The New Economics Institute sponsored this talk with Neva Goodwin in New York City on Nov. 20, 2010.

Additional video content is available on the Globalization and Sustainable Development Program Multimedia page and GDAE's YouTube Channel.

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The mission of the GDAE's Theory and Education Program is to advance the theory, teaching and application of an economic understanding which will serve the essential goals of humanity-goals that must include the fostering of equitable societies in sustainable ecological surroundings.

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