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Biographies of 2013 Leontief Award Recipients:

Albert O. Hirshman
Dr. Albert O. Hirschman

Dr. Albert O. Hirschman was an eminent figure at Columbia, Yale, Harvard, and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ. He was a pioneer in the field of political economy in developing countries, with a long history of work in Latin America. He saw development as a process of creating economy-wide benefits for all, and deeply understood the nature of “unbalanced growth” and the importance of fostering industrialization and innovation. He authored some of the most insightful works in the social sciences, straddling economics, psychology, and political theory. His key works include National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade (University of California Press, 1980 edition), The Strategy of Economic Development (Yale University Press, 1958), Exit, Voice, and Loyalty (Harvard University Press, 1970), and The Passions and the Interests: Political Arguments for Capitalism before its Triumph (1977). In 2007, the Social Sciences Research Council established an annual award in his honor.

He passed away on Wednesday, December 12, 2012. Since then, several tributes to him have been written:
Obituaries by the Institute for Advanced Study, The New York Times, The Washington Post
Alex Tabarrok's tribute
Daniel Drezner's post on the Foreign Policy Blog
Justin Fox writes for the Harvard Business Review Blog
A post from the Triple Crisis blog: Honoring Alice Amsden and Albert Hirschman: Trailblazers in Development and Political Economics
A summary of Dr. Hirschman's work by Harold James: "Brexit, Voice, and Loyalty"
Francis Fukuyama's piece in The American Inerest blog

Frances Stewart
Dr. Frances Stewart

Dr. Frances Stewart is emeritus Professor of Development Economics at the University of Oxford and was director of Oxford's Department of International Development and the Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity (CRISE). Her 1977 book, Technology and Underdevelopment (Macmillan) presents a comprehensive approach to technology choice, challenging neo-classical assumptions. Adjustment with a Human Face (co-authored with Andrea Cornia and Richard Jolly), published in 1987 was highly influential in challenging IMF approaches to adjustment. She has worked on the Human Development Reports of the UNDP since the first Report, and in 2009 was awarded the Mahbub ul Haq prize for lifetime contributions to Human Development. Her long-term project on poverty compares four different approaches – monetary, capabilities, social exclusion, and participatory – from both a theoretical and a policy perspective. Most recently she introduced the concept of “horizontal inequalities” (i.e. inequalities in economic and political resources between culturally defined groups) and has shown how such inequalities constitute a major cause of conflict. Her 2008 book, Horizontal Inequalities and Conflict: Understanding Group Conflict in Multiethnic Societies (Palgrave Macmillan) documents her rich interdisciplinary approach to development.


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