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2007 Leontief Prize
Awarded to Stephen DeCanio and Jomo Kwame Sundaram

Dr. Neva Goodwin, Dr. Stephen DeCanio, Provost Jamshed Bharucha,
Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram, and Dr. William Moomaw.
Photo by Joshua Berkowitz.

Climate Change, Economic Development, and Global Equity

GDAE presented the 2007 Leontief Prize to Dr. Stephen DeCanio, Professor of Economics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram (known as Jomo K.S.), Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development in the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), on October 17, 2007 at Tufts Medford Campus. The award ceremony featured lectures by Dr. DeCanio and Dr. Sundaram on the topic of "Climate Change, Economic Development, and Global Equity." GDAE Co-Director Dr. Neva Goodwin presented this year's awards to the two leading economists, noting that this year's prize is “very timely, following the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,” to which GDAE’s Bill Moomaw and Frank Ackerman are contributors [see full text of Neva Goodwin's remarks].

Prof. DeCanio receiving his award from Dr. Goodwin.
Photo by Joshua Berkowitz.

Professor Stephen DeCanio was honored for his path-breaking work on climate change analysis and policy. Dr. DeCanio enhances the traditional economic understandings of efficiency and motivation with a sense of social purpose.  He has written extensively on corporate organization and behavior as it pertains to the use of energy-efficient technologies, and has also criticized some standard approaches to the economics of climate change, such as the misuse of general equilibrium and cost-benefit analyses.  This may be seen in his latest book, Economic Models of Climate Change: A Critique. From 1986 to '87 DeCanio was the Senior Staff Economist at the President's Council of Economic Advisers.  He was one of the founders of the Computational Laboratories Group at UC Santa Barbara, and from 2001 to 2004 was a member of the board of directors of the organization, Redefining Progress.  He was a member of the United Nations Environment Programme Economic Options Panel, which reviewed the economic aspects of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, and served as Co-Chair of the Montreal Protocol's Agricultural Economics Task Force of the Technical and Economics Assessment Panel. More on Dr. DeCanio's work can be read at:

Read the paper Dr. DeCanio's remarks were based on:
"Reflections on Climate Change, Economic Development, and Global Equity"


Jomo K.S. giving his remarks.
Photo by Joshua Berkowitz.

Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Jomo K.S) was honored for his pioneering work on development and inequality.  Jomo K.S. has been Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development in the United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) since January 2005. He was visiting senior research fellow at the Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore, founding chair of International Development Economics Associates, and professor in the applied economics department, University of Malaya, until 2004. He has taught at Science University of Malaysia, Harvard University, Yale University, National University of Malaysia, University of Malaya, and Cornell University. He has authored more than 35 monographs, edited more than 50 books, and translated 11 volumes, in addition to writing many academic papers and articles for the media. His most recent book, The New Development Economics: After the Washington Consensus, is available through Zed Books (2006). More on Jomo K.S.’s work can be read at:

See Jomo K.S.'s PowerPoint presentation: "Economic Development, Inequality, and Climate Change"

The 2007 Leontief Awards ceremony was featured in the Tufts Daily as well as in Tufts E-News



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