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Neva R. Goodwin
Co-Director, Global Development And Environment Institute
Tel. 617-491-0162

for complete curriculum vitae, please click here

Addressing meta-externalities: investments in restoring the Earth, Real-World Economics Review, March 2019

Ecological Repair: A Hope for the Human Economies, Opinion Sur, August 2018. Available in Spanish and Portuguese.

There is More Than One Economy, Real-World Economics Review, June 2018

Restoration science does not need redefinition, with James C Aronson, Daniel Simberloff, and Anthony Ricciardi, Nature Ecology & Evolution, March 2018

Unmet Needs and Unused Capacities: Time Banking as a Solution, with Edgar Cahn, Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies, February 2018

Mourning in America: Trump and the traumas of the twenty-first centuryReal-World Economics Review, March 2017 [Available in French, with abbreviated versions in Portuguese and Spanish]

Meaningful Work: A Radical Proposal, Institute for New Economic Thinking, March 2017

Core Support for the New Economy, Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies Volume 4, Issue 1, March 2017

Commentary on 'Why We Consume: Neural Design and Sustainability', Great Transition Initiative, February 2016.

The Human Element in the New Economics: A 60-year Refresh for Economic Thinking and TeachingReal-World Economics Review, no. 68, August 2014.

If US Consumption Declines Will the Global Economy Collapse?, in Changing Consumer Roles, edited by Karin Ekström and Kay Glans. New York: Routledge, 2011.

What Can We Hope for the World in 2075?, Thirtieth Annual E. F. Schumacher Lectures, 2010 View a video of the lecture.

A New Economics for the Twenty-First Century, World Futures Review, June-July 2010.

Teaching Ecological and Feminist Economics in the Principles Course, in Forum for Social Economics, Volume 38, Issue 2. 2009.

From Outer Circle to Center Stage: The maturation of heterodox economics, in Future Directions in Heterodox Economics, edited by John Harvey and Rob Garnett. University of Michigan Press, 2008.

Economic Vitality in a Transition to Sustainability, in the series Growing the Economy through Global Warming Solutions, published by the Civil Society Institute, 2007.

The Limitations of Markets: Background Essay, published by CasePlace.Org as part of a collection on "Market Failures: Corporate Governance and Accountability", December 2005.

Equity, in the Online Encyclopedia of Ecological Economics, published by the International Society for Ecological Economics, 2003

Civil Economy and Civilized Economics: Essentials for Sustainable Development, in "The Forerunner Volume" for the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems . Oxford: EOLSS Publishers Co. Ltd., 2001.

You can't beat something with nothing: getting an alternative into the curriculum, Review of Radical Political Economics, 2001.

Development Connections: The Hedgerow Model, in Rethinking Sustainability: Power, Knowledge and Institutions, Edited by Jonathan M. Harris. Michigan Press, 2000.

A range of predictions for the future, Neva Goodwin, Ecological Economics, 1994

The Rounding of the Earth: Ecology and Global History, in Conceptualizing Global History, edited by Bruce Mazlish and Ralph Buultgens. Westview Press, 1993.


Seven chapters from Social Economics: An Alternative Theory (St. Martin's Press, 1991):

Chapter 4  Individuals and Institutions in Social Economics

Chapter 6 The Stumbling-blocks of Economics: Complexity, Time and Change

Chapter 7  Some Sociological Explanations for the Present Condition of Neoclassical Economics

Chapter 8 The Peculiar Place of Meaning in the Social Sciences

Chapter 9 Assumptions, Success and Responsibility: Examples of the Uses of Judgment

Chapter 10 The Micro Foundations for Textual Analysis

Chapter 11 Stories that Blow up: How to Anticipate When the Realisticness of Assumptions Will Matter


Core Support for the New Economy, [Draft working paper] June 2016. [Read the published version in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership Studies].

Prices and Work in The New Economy, April 2014.

An Overview of Climate Change: What does it mean for our way of life? What is the best future we can hope for?, March 2008.

Teaching Ecological and Feminist Economics in the Principles Course, with Julie A. Nelson, June 2005.

Five Kinds of Capital: Useful Concepts for Sustainable Development, September 2003.

Reconciling Growth and Environment, with Jonathan M. Harris, March 2003.

Macroeconomics for the Twenty-First Century, February 2003.

Better Principles: New Approaches to Teaching Introductory Economics, with Jonathan M. Harris, June 2001.

Economics in Context: The Need for a New Textbook, with Oleg I. Ananyin, Frank Ackerman and Thomas E. Weisskopf, February 1997.


Changing Climate, Changing Economy: how to think about climate change
A 4-part series hosted on Opinion Sur

Part 1: Changing Climate, Changing Economy (July 2007) English  Spanish 

Part 2: What is the economy for? (August 2007) English  Spanish

Part 3: Toward a changed economy – looking backward and forward (September 2007)
English  Spanish

Part 4: Climate change as the immanent perfect storm (October 2007) English  Spanish

What is the Economy for?
A 2-part series hosted on Opinion Sur

Part 1: Competition among Firms – Who Benefits? (November 2007) English  Spanish

Part 2: Internalizing externalities: making markets and societies work better (December 2007)


In Summer 2013, Neva Goodwin gave an interview about the history and mission of the Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE). To view a shorter version, click here.

On May 30, 2013, Neva Goodwin participated in the Institute for Policy Studies' "New Economy Transition Webinar Series." This 10 minute video covers Neva's lecutre on "A Life Serving New Economics Paradigm" and her thoughts on putting economic theory into context.

Feb. 13, 2013, Neva Goodwin spoke on “A New Economics for the 21st Century" at Massachussets Institute of Technology, Cambidge, MA.

Labor’s Declining Share and Future Quality of Life, Paper for the symposium “Perspectives on Limits to Growth: Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet”, presented by the Club of Rome and The Smithsonian Institution Grand Challenges Consortia, March 2012. View a video of the lecture.

What Could We Hope for in 2075?, video of talk given at the New Economics Institute on November 20, 2010

Our Interview with Dr. Neva Goodwin, an excerpt from The Green American (formerly the Co-op America Quarterly) Spring 2009 issue.

The Economics of Well-Being, a 2005 interview with The Boston Research Center for the 21st Century

What You Didn’t Learn in Ec 101 Annual meeting of “SRI in the Rockies” October 2004.

See additional videos on GDAE's Advancing Economic Theory Multimedia page




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