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Handbook on Trade and the Environment
Edited by Kevin P. Gallagher

Edward Elgar, 2008
Paperback £23.96 ($39.96 with on-line discount)
Hardcover  £108 (on-line discount)
Order from Edward Elgar Publishing

The related crises associated with global finance, energy, climate change, and food have brought new urgency to debates over international trade and sustainable development.  Increasingly, policy-makers, advocates and academics are looking for solutions to these crises that allow the economy to prosper without triggering undue environmental degradation.  The Handbook on Trade and Environment serves as a comprehensive overview of thinking and policy on the trade and environment nexus. 

The collection is divided into three sections: trade and environmental quality, trade and environmental politics, and trade and environmental policy.  Topics include the extent to which trade liberalization creates ‘pollution havens’ where dirty industries flock to poorer nations with lax environmental standards, and conversely, how multinational corporations bring ‘cleaner’ environmental technologies to developing countries when they choose to move abroad.  The volume also addresses the extent to which national environmental policy and/or global environmental agreements clash with the emerging rules of the World Trade Organization and whether such environmental policies hinder export competitiveness.  Finally, numerous political economy analyses of the complex political coalitions that arise to adapt to and mitigate changes in trade and environmental policy are provided.  In addition to broader overviews of key subjects, in-depth case studies of nations and regions are offered, including the United States, the European Union, China, India, and Mexico as well as East Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

The volume will serve as a guide for scholars new to the field as well as students and policy-makers needing a quick reference to the research on the interface between trade and environment.


Introduction: International Trade and the Environment
Kevin P. Gallagher

1. Pre-empting NIS Introductions: Targeting Policy
Christopher Costello, Chad Lawley and Carol McAusland

2. International Trade and Global Shipping
James J. Corbett and James J. Winebrake

3. The Environmental Kuznets Curve
James Van Alstine and Eric Neumayer

4. The Pollution Haven Hypothesis
Brian R. Copeland

5. Trade, Natural Resources and Developing Countries
Edward B. Barbier

6. Foreign Direct Investment and Sustainable Industrial Development
Lyuba Zarsky

7. Globalization and the Environment: Convergence or Divergence?
James K. Boyce

8. The Relation Between International Trade and Water Resources Management
A.Y. Hoekstra

9. The Environmental Costs of Mexico–USA Maize Trade Under NAFTA
Timothy A. Wise

10. The Impact of Open Trade and Investment Regimes on Environmental Outcomes in East Asia’s Capitalist Developmental States
Michael T. Rock and David Angel

11. Foreign Direct Investment and Clean Technology Leapfrogging in China
Kelly Sims Gallagher

12. Global Mechanisms for Greening TNCs: Inching Towards Corporate Accountability?
Jennifer Clapp

13. Civil Society Participation in Trade Policy-making in Latin America: The Case of the Environmental Movement
Peter Newell

14. Trade Conflict Over Genetically Modified Organisms
Thomas Bernauer and Philipp Aerni

15. The Politics of Trade and Environment in the European Union
Henrik Selin and Stacy D. VanDeveer

16. Environmental Politics and Global Shipping Trade: Club Goods as a Solution to Common-Pool Resource Problems
Elizabeth R. DeSombre

17. Fair Trade, Gender and the Environment In Africa
Laura T. Raynolds and Jennifer A. Keahey

18. The Global Waste Trade and Environmental Justice Struggles
David Naguib Pellow

19. An Introduction to the Trade and Environment Debate
Steve Charnovitz

20. The WTO, Services and the Environment
Robert K. Stumberg

21. Biodiversity, Intellectual Property Rights Regime, and Indigenous Knowledge System at the WTO: Revisiting the Unresolved Issues
Sachin Chaturvedi

22. Investor Rights and Sustainable Development
Chris Tollefson and W.A.W. Neilson

23. Does Environmental Policy Affect Trade? The Case of EU Chemicals Policy
Frank Ackerman

24. Environmental Regulation, Globalization and Innovation
Nicholas A. Ashford

25. Trade and Environment Policy-Making in the Arab Region
Carol Chouchani Cherfane

26. Trade and Environment Institutions
J. Samuel Barkin

27. Redesigning the World’s Trading System for Environmentally Sustainable Development
Alejandro Nadal


Kevin P. Gallagher is Assistant Professor of International Relations at Boston University and Senior Researcher at the Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University. He is the author of The Enclave Economy: Foreign Investment and Sustainable Development in Mexico's Silicon Valley, and Free Trade and the Environment: Mexico, NAFTA and Beyond and other books. He writes a regular column on globalization and development for The Guardian.

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